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Stevie Dear Photo

What is a Stevie?

Residing in Savannah, Georgia, Stevie Dear is an illustrator and Painter who’s continually evolving approach to understanding the human condition utilizes oil paint and mixed media to lift the veil on the hidden mysteries gathering just beneath the surface. Her work continually explores the lines of the figure through narrative stories unfolding from the moment of their capture and digging into what his hidden beneath. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Kendall College of Art & Design and went on to obtain her MFA from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2023. Her work has been featured in Not Design Exhibition, Grand Rapids (2017) and in Creative Quarterly Magazine (2024).

For more information about what she has been up to, check out the link to her CV below




Thesis Exhibition / Grand Rapids / 2017

Not Design / Grand Rapids / 2016


Creative Quarterly Volume 43

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